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Best Doctor For Fraxel Laser In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Many people are facing various skin issues like acne, scars, and wrinkles on the skin. One of the best solutions for these issues is Fraxel laser treatment. Book an appointment now at the renewal clinic to get the best doctor for Fraxel Laser in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to get your skin renewed.

Best Doctor For Fraxel Laser In Jeddah

Fraxel Laser in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:

Fraxel Laser means fractional and pixel. It is a kind of laser therapy that is helpful in various skin treatments. This treatment is useful in getting an even texture of skin. People with stretch marks also opt for Fraxel laser to remove their stretch marks through laser technologies. Uses of Fraxel laser include skin resurfacing, Fraction treatment of skin, and Reducing stretch marks.

Who should get Fraxel Laser:

The following people should get Fraxel Laser:

  • People with wrinkles.

  • Individuals having scars of acne.

  • Candidates with tone irregularities.

  • People have sunburn.

  • Skin-related issues.

Types of Fraxel Laser:

  1. Fraxel Restore.

  2. Fraxel Repair.

  3. Fraxel Dual.

  4. Fraxel Clear.

The procedure of Fraxel Laser:

The procedure of the Fraxel laser is as follows:

  • Consultation: The procedure of Fraxel laser starts with a consultation with your doctor. At the consultation, you must discuss your desired goals.

  • Examination of skin: Your doctor will evaluate your skin by checking the condition of your skin and then recommend suitable treatment for you.

  • Preparation for treatment: To prepare for the treatment, you have to clean your skin by removing makeup. Then your doctor will apply a cream to the targeted area to numb the pain.

  • Treatment: The treatment starts when the numbing cream is active. The laser light is given by your doctor to the targeted area. Laser helps in getting the new healthy skin and new growth of skin cells.

  • Cooling process: The cooling process is used while giving the laser, it helps to keep skin cool which helps reduce discomfort.

  • Multiple sessions: Get the complete course of treatment given by your healthcare doctor for better results.

Best Doctor For Fraxel Laser In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Best doctor for Fraxel Laser in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:

Selection of the best doctor for Fraxel laser depends on the results one can achieve. Following are the steps for selecting a good doctor for Fraxel laser treatment:

  1. Certificate of doctor: It is essential to make sure that your doctor is board-certified in dermatology.

  2. Experience of doctor: While choosing the best doctor, always learn about the doctor's experience of doing Fraxel laser in the past and ask your doctor to provide you with the results of previous treatment and see the before and after results. This will lead you to a good doctor for Fraxel laser in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

  3. Review about the doctor: Always check the reviews of your doctor by searching on Google. This can help you see the overall performance of your doctor.

  4. Consultation: Before treatment, one should have a consultation with the doctor first. And discuss the desired goals you expect from the treatment with your doctor. Consultation purpose is to ask your doctor about every query you have in your mind before treatment.

  5. The license of the doctor: Before treatment, check the license of your doctor and also check the doctor's credentials on the website.

  6. Comfort: Always select a doctor for treatment with whom you feel comfortable and relaxed.

  7. Cost option: Discuss all the cost plans with your doctor before going for a treatment.

Choosing the best doctor for Fraxel laser in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is necessary as the laser treatment is a medical procedure.

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Book an appointment now at Renewal Clinic to have the best doctor for Fraxel Laser in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Our doctors can give you the best treatment at reasonable prices by checking your skin condition.


Is this treatment considered safe?

Yes, this treatment is safe.

Is this treatment long-lasting?

How much time is required for Fraxel laser treatment?

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