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Best Doctor for Breast Reduction Surgeries in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

If you think that your breasts are more than normal and are imposing negative effects on you such as pain in the back and neck then you immediately need to go for breast surgery in Saudi Arabia. The surgery removes the extra fats from the place leaving each breast with the perfect size and shape. For carrying out such procedures, finding an expert doctor is compulsory who can give you an aesthetic job. Thus, our Best Doctor for Breast reduction surgeries in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia are here for you. You can seek help from them for your wanted outcomes.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

This cosmetic surgery involves the removal of unwanted fats from the breast area that ultimately causes the rejuvenation of the shape and size of the breasts. This is sometimes one of the most difficult decisions for the woman but choosing the right doctor can help them a lot with long-lasting outcomes. The surgery can be performed for various reasons. The overall quality of life for the women increases by the procedure.

Why the Surgery Is Done?

People who have the following go for the treatment. The following are the reasons for the treatment.

  • Women who are facing pain in the back and the neck area

  • In the bra straps the shoulder grooves

  • Women who are facing nerve aching

  • Due to their heavy breasts, they are unable to take part in different activities

  • Women who have less confidence due to these

  • Bras of this size are difficult to find

  • Women who do not smoke are generally perfect for the process

  • When you are not obese

How to Choose the Best Surgeon For the Breast Reduction?

When you are deciding the surgeon for your breast surgery then you should check the following before finalising.

  • Check out the education and qualifications of the doctor

  • How much is their experience with the surgery

  • How many follow-up sessions may be needed

  • What sort of reviews the doctor has

  • How Many Surgeries he has performed

  • With which type of clinic he is affiliated

How Long Does the Surgery Take?

In general, the patient only needs to wait for 3 to 4 hours. During this time, the removal of excess fats is done resulting in aesthetic contouring. Our doctors perform the procedure in a way that results in minimized wound scarring.

There are some individuals who have more complex cases. They require some extra time for the treatment. Because in that case, the medic will remove the nipple or the areola area first and then the attachment is done.

Type of Breast Surgeries Our Doctors Offer

Incision Surgery for Breast Reduction:

Different incision mammaplasty patterns are used to do a breast reduction. Sometimes a circular and other times a vertical incision is made. When the cut is made the doctor removes the extra tissues. The treatment varies from individual to individual.

Liposuction for Breast Reduction:

If the doctor thinks that the fat can be removed just by liposuction then they go for this method. This surgery does not cause large scars instead small cuts are made.

Gynecomastia Surgery:

This surgery is done for men who have excessive fats in their chest area. Your medic will tell you about the best procedure for you. The procedure removes the unwanted fatty tissues.

Breast Reduction for Gender Affirmation:

When there is a problem with gender affirmation due to improper breast shape then the doctors go for this surgery. This involves contouring, shaping and nipple refinement. Also, the areola is shaped by this surgery.

Breast Reduction and Breast Cancer:

Sometimes, women with breast cancer can have this surgery as a solution in which the tumour from the breast area is removed.

Is the Surgery Safe?

The treatment carried out by our expert plastic surgeon does not hold any long-term or severe side effects. There is no sensation loss by the process instead the method will be safe and there will be no scarring that can affect the person in the future.

Meet the Best Doctor for Breast reduction surgery

Introducing Dr Ali Al-Dalgawi who is the most trusted and the expert plastic surgeon in Jeddah, Saudi. If you are looking for the perfect doctor then look no further! You can have your breast reduction surgery with Best Doctor for Breast reduction surgeries in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at Renew Clinic. For cutting-edge techniques and personalised treatments reach us we will help you 24/7. To book your appointment with our doctors you need to complete the form that is present below.

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