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Hydrafacial Cost in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

When you think that your skin is dull and has some signs of ageing then you really need to go for the hydrafacial treatment. To go for the process the cost matters a lot. To check the Hydrafacial cost in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia you can check out this blog. This will help you in understanding the details of the process and its price. You only need half an hour to an hour for the complete solution. Get to know all about the cost, recovery and outcomes with us.

Hydrafacial cost in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Cost of a Hydrafacial Session in Jeddah

The cost for the hydrafacial treatment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia varies from SAR xxx to SAR xxx. Different elements affect the prices. These are as:

Factors that Can Affect the Cost for the Hydrafacial:

Quality of the Treatment:

The quality of the procedure tells the price for the treatment. The more quality method involves less risk and better outcomes. So the charges also vary with it.

Reputation of the Clinic:

The clinic in which the individuals are getting the treatment also impacts the pricing. When the clijnic is reputed the patient will get all the treatment sometimes at high prices but the outcomes will be perfect.

Reviews of the Patients:

The individuals who have already received the treatment tell about their experiences. When the results of a specific procedure are accurate the price also gets high.

Condition of the Skin:

The condition of the patient plays an important role. Some people have skin that is more dull and damaged these needs additional sessions and deep cleansing so their charges also fluctuate.

Demand of the Doctor:

When the demands of the doctor are high the individual needs to pay more for it. The reviews tell us about the doctor’s reputation and skills.

The treatment involves basic three steps for the freshening of the skin. These are discussed below:

Cleansing and Peeling:

With gentle exfoliation and the cleaning, the upper dead layer of the skin is removed. A mixture of glycolic and salicylic acid is used for the cleaning process. The process unclogs the pores and makes the skin look brighter and shiny. The beneficial effects of the step can be obtained easily by this step of the process.

Extraction and Hydration:

This involves subtracting the debris from the skin in a way that is not painful at all. This nourishes the skin and causes moisturization.

Fusion and Protection:

The appearance of the fine lines, wrinkles and pores on the skin is reduced by the boosters. In this final step, the boost is given which is the major part of the process.


  • The process works on all the skin types

  • You will get a consistent result

  • There will be no downtime

  • The outcomes obtained are for long-term

  • No pain and aching

  • Young and perfectly flawless skin

Why Choose Us?

When we are performing the hydrofoil treatment we keep all the safety processes in mind. Using the high-quality products and all the FDA-approved tools and techniques we carry out the methods for our patients. Our Hydrafacial cost in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is reasonable too and the patient feels easy while paying for it. If you think that you need to get the procedure, you should complete the form that is present below. ReNew Clinic staff and the doctors will help you in gaining the best and the most effective process.
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