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Best Doctor for Thread Lift in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

With age, the natural elasticity of the page decreases, instead signs like wrinkles, lines and others start getting visible on the face. For treating these issues, thread lifting is the main process. Also, finding the Best Doctor for Thread Lift in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is an important step in receiving the accurate and most effective process. This is minimally intrusive and gives a youthful appearance. Let's get into the details of these thread lifts and get to know what they actually are.

What is Thread lifting?

The procedure for the treatment of the drooping skin on the face & the neck region is thread lifting. In this process, different sutures are used. These are placed inside the skin and they are positioned according to the needs of the patient. This is a quick process and only takes around an hour to get complete. This is a painless process & there is no need for the local anesthesia. There are many benefits that ate attached to the process which are presented below.

Best Doctor for Thread Lift in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

When you are going through the process you ought to receive it from the best doctors. In our Renew Clinic, we have one of the top surgeons here who can provide you with an efficacious process. Our best dermatologists are the ones:

  • Dr Hadeer Rashad ( Dermatologist & Venereologist and beautify)

  • Dr Nouf Khayya (Dermatologist and Allergist and beautification)

  • Dr Alaa Hani Aref (consultant for dermatology)

  • Dr Ghaida Ghulam (Dermatology consultant with infusion specialization)

For the selection of the best doctor for the treatment of facial problems. You require to check the following with the doctor.

  • You can research online and check the credentials of our doctors

  • Check the education and skills of the doctor you are exploring for

  • Read the reviews and testimonials of the individuals that have already received the method

  • You can check the pictures before and after the process to know about the effects of the thread lifting

  • You can ask people for the skills of the doctor

  • Check the hospitals and the clinics in which he/she is serving

  • Ask the cost of the thread lift by the specific doctor

Advantages of the Cure

The pros of the thread lifting from an expert doctor are the following:

  • You can get the most effective non-invasive procedure by getting this

  • The results obtained by the process are natural

  • Production of the collagen starts

  • The outcomes are quick and convenient

  • You will not feel discomfort and irritation

  • The outcomes are long-lasting

How the Technique is Done?

Thread lifts are minimally invasive and are carried out on an outpatient basis. The patients can get back home when the therapy is finished and they can start the activities as soon as possible after the method. To initiate the strategy, our experts will apply anesthesia to the treated area.

These threads are put into the skin with the help of needles. When these are positioned in the treated region, the skin gets lifted according to the desired level. The correction of the saggy skin is done and the face is contoured. The process strategy varies with the individual. There are people who need extra lifting as compared to individuals whose face is less aged.

Types of Threads We Provide

PDO Threads:

PDO called polydioxanone threads are utilised to stimulate the production of the collagen and to raise the skin with a tightening effect. These threads come in different measures and shapes and it all relies on the area where the threads ought to be used.

Silhouette Soft Threads:

These threads are particularly created from the polylactic acid and are inserted under the skin. With these threads, immediate lifting of the face occurs and the results stay there for the long term.

Aptos Threads:

Polypropylene is utilised to make these Aptos threads and these are not absorbable giving a strong lifting, more powerful than the other threads. People who have extreme skin-sagging issue goes for these threads. The effects of the procedure stay there for more than 5 years.

Feather Lift Threads:

The threads that are made up of polypropylene consist of small tips that get attached under the skin. This when inserted causes the formation of collagen at a higher rate.

Meet the Experts at Renew Clinic!

If you are watching for a clinic that can aid you get the appearance you desire that is free of wrinkles and lines you should contact us. This is the place where your priorities and likings matter. To get your treatment fill out the form that is present below.

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