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Thread Lift Surgery Cost in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Are you prepared to learn how to appear younger? Imagine a non-surgical facelift that lifts and tightens your skin with the skill. It would work like magic. Greetings from the fascinating realm of thread lift! Let's Learn more about the Thread Lift cost in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Thread Lift!

It is similar to a facial version of a magic act. It employs specialized threads to gently raise your skin rather than a blade, giving you a younger appearance. These threads are carefully inserted under your skin and eventually disappear. As they work, they stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, keeping it tight and smooth. The greatest aspect is that because it's not a major operation, there will be less recovery time and danger. It's like a quick boost to your attractiveness without all the hassle!

Ideal Nominees

Following are some of the candidates

  • Those who have mild to severe sagging in their face or neck and are in their 30s or older.

  • You need a fast, efficient way to improve your appearance without having to undergo surgery.

  • People whose general health is good, and who have reasonable expectations for the treatment.

Cost of Thread Lift in Jeddah

The price becomes a crucial factor for individuals looking for a solution. The cost of ThreadLift at ReNew Clinic might vary based on a number of factors and commonly ranges from SAR 399.00 to SAR 8,999.00. Don't worry; this investment guarantees outstanding outcomes that can genuinely change the way you look.

Cost Affecting Factors

Location: Prices for thread lifts might fluctuate slightly from city to city and even within various neighborhoods of Jeddah.

Clinic Reputation and Expertise: A prestigious clinic with skilled dermatologists or plastic surgeons may price a little bit more, but keep in mind that your face is valuable and that quality counts.

Number of Threads Used: The amount of sagging and the area being addressed may affect the number of threads required, which may affect the final cost.

Types of Threads: Different types of threads are available, and the choice of threads can have an impact on the cost.

Additional Treatments: The price may vary depending on whether a clinic offers packages that include additional treatments or follow-up appointments.


  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by lifting and tightening sagging skin

  • increases collagen synthesis for better skin texture

  • No surgery and little recovery time

  • A natural-looking outcome

  • a swift and practical method

  • impacts that endure for one to three years

  • Almost no incisions and scars

The procedure of Thread Lifts

Following are some of the steps:

Consultation: Talk with our knowledgeable dermatologist. They'll examine your skin, listen to your worries, and develop a treatment strategy just for you.

Numbing: To guarantee your comfort throughout the treatment, a local anesthetic will be provided before beginning.

Thread Insertion: Using tiny needles, your knowledgeable dermatologist will place the dissolvable threads in the desired locations. Your skin will be softly lifted and supported by these strands.

Final touches: After the threads are positioned, your dermatologist will make any required modifications to guarantee a balanced and natural result.

Recovery: After the operation, you should only have little discomfort and may quickly resume your normal activities.

Why Choose us?

Because we have a staff of skilled dermatologists who are professionals at doing this surgery, choose us for your thread lifts at ReNew Clinic. You may be sure that you will get safe and efficient outcomes thanks to their experience and knowledge. We adhere to the principle of treating each client as an individual by creating individualized treatment programs that are tailored to your requirements and objectives. You will receive the greatest care possible since our clinic always uses the most cutting-edge methods.

Book us Now!

Stop delaying right now! Make an appointment with us right away to start on the path to a more energized and young self. Our team of knowledgeable dermatologists is glad to lead you on this magical thread lift experience.

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