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Wart Removal Price in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Get rid of the embarrassing issue of warts by knowing the wart removal price in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Warts can be anywhere in the body like hands, shoulders, or feet. If you are suffering from warts that are not going away then book us now at the renewal clinic. Let's explore the procedure along with the prices of removal of warts. So get ready now and say hello to wart-free skin.

Wart Removal Price in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Quick Facts:

Cost: 500 SAR to 1500 SAR

Results: complete removal in two to four weeks

Back to work: right after treatment

Duration of Treatment: 15 to 25 minutes


Extra growth of skin is known as warts on skin that is caused by the papillomavirus in humans. sometimes they are dangerous but they are non-cancerous and can be removed. they appear like small bumps on the skin. they can grow by getting in contact or any area that includes viruses. Warts can be diminished by cryotherapy treatment, laser therapy, or salicylic acid.

Kinds of warts:

following types of warts:

  • Genital warts

  • Flat warts

  • Plantar warts

  • Common warts

  • Filiform warts

The Average Cost of wart removal in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:

The average cost of removing a wart is between 500SAR TO 1500 SAR. This cost can be changed by many factors such as the size of the wart, the method used for removing the wart, and the experience of the doctor. To know the exact cost of wart removal one should consult the doctor and get the best pricing according to health conditions.

Factors of cost:

The cost of wart removal depends on many factors. some of them are as follows:

  • Number of warts: the cost of warts is dependent on how many warts an individual wants to get removed. If anyone has multiple warts, then the cost will increase.

  • Location of warts: The location of warts also plays a role in knowing the cost. if the wart is placed on the face or genitals it costs a higher price than other areas.

  • Location of clinic: your location also plays an effective role in knowing the cost of removal of a wart. large city clinic charges a higher price than small cities clinic.

  • Size of warts: the size of the wart also matters when calculating the price of wart removal. Large-sized warts are more expensive than the small size of warts.

  • Experience of healthcare doctor: the experience of your doctor also impacts the price of treatment. A healthcare doctor with more years of experience costs you a higher price than a doctor with less experience.

  • Type of treatment: choosing the type of treatment affects the final price of wart removal. such as OTC treatment is less costly than in-office procedures.

Below is the average cost of different types of treatment.

Cost of over-the-counter treatment (OTC):

The procedure of OTC is comparatively less expensive than other procedures of treatments.

Otc treatment includes salicylic acid and cryotherapy.

Salicylic acid: salicylic acid consists of liquid form such as gel. The average price of salicylic acid is between 36 SAR to 100. This cost depends on different brands.

Cryotherapy kits: cryotherapy kits consist of freezing substances that help to freeze warts and make them fall off from the body. Costs vary from 70 SAR to 300 SAR. This kit is less effective than in-office cryotherapy.

In-office treatment:

The effective treatment for wart removal is in-office treatment it is because it is administered by a professional doctor in a clinic. The prices of in-office treatment are much higher than over-the-counter treatment.

In-office treatment includes cryotherapy, cantharidin, electro-surgery, and laser therapy.

Cost of laser therapy: the cost of laser therapy is between 700 SAR to 3,000 SAR

Cost of Electrosurgery: it ranges from 700 SAR to 2000 SAR for one treatment.

Cost of cantharidin: the cost of cantharidin treatment is between 350 SAR to 1000 SAR per treatment.

Book us for wart removal:

Book us now at Alaa Arif Clinic to get your wart removal treatment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Our doctor is highly experienced and gives the cheapest treatment for wart removal.


Is wart removal a painful procedure?

some warts may cause pain when removed depending on the area of the wart.

Can warts go away permanently?

does plantar warts cause pain?

what is the best procedure for the removal of a wart?

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