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Beauty Begins When You Decide to Renew Yourself

Welcome to Renew Beauty Clinics

Age, weather, and sickness can all affect your beauty. Renew Clinics offer you the best results with the help of an elite team of dermatologists, cosmetic specialists, and cosmetic surgeons, who provide their medical expertise and global experience.


Cosmetic surgeries:

  • Body contouring surgeries (abdomen, chest, thighs, arms, back, buttocks)

  • Breast augmentation surgeries

  • Breast reduction surgeries

  • Liposuction and body sculpting surgeries

  • Fat injection surgeries

  • Face and eyelid lift surgeries

  • Ear modification and cosmetic surgeries

  • Male breast reduction surgeries

  • Mole and skin tag removal surgeries


Why choose Renew Clinics?

Provide the required safety for your beauty by using high-quality injection materials, which have safe medical standards

It has the latest medical equipment with international standards to provide safe and

effective treatment

It includes a group of specialized doctors at the global level


Our Doctors


Dr. Nouf Khayat

Dermatologist, Allergist and Cosmetologist

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Dr. Alaa Hani Aref

Consultant of dermatology and cosmetology

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