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TMJ Transformation: Botox Before and After

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Do you know that Botox helps treat TMJ disorder? Many people don't know, the purpose of botox injection is not only to improve lips or to give out the soft wrinkles under the eye but it is also to treat TMJ disorder of the jawline which includes pain, swelling shoulder pain, and lockjaw. Book us now at Renew Clinic for quick treatment to achieve good health.

TMJ Transformation: Botox Before and After

Quick Facts :

Results: minimizes pain

Duration of Treatment: 3 to 6 months

Type of Procedure: injectable under skin


TMJ is a disorder that occurs in jaws. The reason for getting tmj is the displacement of the temporomandibular joint. This joint is located at both sides of the head, the area where the skullbone and jawbone are connected. The main cause of TMJ is teeth grinding and chewing heavy food. Avoid putting pressure on the jaw as it also results in a TMJ.


Below are the symptoms tmj:

  • Swollen face

  • Pain in Shoulder

  • Headache

  • Ear ringing

  • Pain in teeth

  • Not being able to move jaws

Botox for TMJ:

TMJ Transformation: Botox Before and After

Botox injections are useful in treating TMJ. read below to know how Botox can treat TMJ:

  • Muscle relaxation: botulinum is injected directly into the muscle and gives pain relief which TMJ is causing.

  • Jaw function: botox helps to improve the function and movement of the jaw by relaxing muscles. it also helps to increase the ability to open and close of mouth.

  • Pain relief: botox injection helps in controlling headaches and facial pain.

  • Prevent teeth damage: botox injection helps to prevent damage to teeth because of grinding crunchy food. this injection helps in reducing dental issues for example worn teeth.

  • Result: botox has temporary effects and it lasts for about a maximum of 6 months.

  • Units of botox injection: to avail of the long-term result one should get 55 units of syringes of botox.

  • Downtime: after the botox injection people can continue their regular activities after a few days of treatment

Before botox treatment for TMJ:

Symptoms: the patient who is facing TMJ disorder shall be experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Pain in jaws

  • Grinding of teeth

  • Headache

  • Limited movement of the jaw

Consultation: consult your doctor who is highly professional in the skincare field and give him your previous medical history.

Recommendation: then your doctor will recommend you suitable treatment plan. And tell you about the area of injection, the quantity of botox, and the results one should expect.

After the results of botox treatment:

results of botox for TMJ are as follows:

  • Minimizes pain

  • Jaws movement

  • Reduced teeth pain

  • Immediate result

  • Customized procedure

  • promotes a younger look.

Choose our Clinic

Choose our renew clinic to get the best result of botox treatment for TMJ. our clinic provides highly qualified and certified doctors. choose us and let us diagnose your joint disorder. you can trust us to give you the transformation you want.

Book an Appointment!

Book an appointment now at Renew Clinic to get rid of TMJ. our doctors are here to give you details with good recommendations and ask queries regarding TMJ Transformation: Botox Before and After


Which area of the body is impacted by this treatment?

Areas including Frontails, masseter, and temporalis are impacted by TMJ botox.

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Can I continue my daily activities right immediately?

What should be avoided after botox therapy for TMJ treatment?

Can I sleep after Botox therapy for TMJ?

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