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Best Doctor for Vascular Lesions in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

If you got some abnormal lesions on your body and face and really want to get rid of them then you need to meet the Best Doctor for Vascular Lesions in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He/she will help you in removing these flaws from the skin and will help you get the skin that is smooth and flawless. Different kinds of lesions are formed on the body and there are many reasons for their formation. Our doctors at Renew Clinic perform all the procedures and treats them all. To know the details about the process and to know about the best doctor who can carry out the process in a pro way you need to read the page written below.

What are Vascular Lesions?

Vascular lesions are of different types and the reasoning behind their formation may vary. The lesions form on the skin and cause discolouration, bumps and different growths that are not normal and cause the skin to appear faulty. The lesions can occur inside the organ or on the upper layer of the dermis. The locations vary from person to person. Mostly, these organs are non-cancerous and they do not cause long-term fatal problems for the patients but to enhance the appearance their removal is essential.

Types of Lesions

There are different types of lesions that can form on the body depending on their site of occurrence and the type. The types are:

  • One of the types is Vascular Malformations in which the abnormalities are in the blood vessels from the birth time

  • Abnormalities in the lymphatic system cause this condition called lymphatic Malformations.

  • Red, raised and strawberry appeared vessels on the body and face giving rise to a condition called the hemangiomas.

  • A form of cancerous tumor called Kaposi sarcoma is a vascular lesion disorder too.

Best Doctor for Vascular Lesions

When it comes to the deep knowledge of the best treatment of vascular lesions and other skin care procedures our doctors are the top-most as they have all the in-depth education and expertise for treating such patients and for providing them the best procedure possible. You can meet our professionals in person by visiting our clinic. The list of our top skin specialists and surgeons is below:

The talented experts of our specialists are:

  • Dr. Alaa Hani Aref (beautification and cosmetologist)

  • Dr. Ghaida Ghulam (Specializes in infusion)

  • Dr. Hadeer Rashad (Dermatologist)

  • Dr. Nouf Khayya (Allergy Treatment and Botox specialist)


The advantages that a person can get after receiving treatment from our best doctors are the ones:

  • Expert doctors who know the technicalities of the process and are carrying it out for years can help you get results that are accurate

  • You get the perfect and the effective treatment options

  • The whole process is customized according to the plans of the patient because the doctors with experience know that each patient is different and hence their needs vary too

  • You get the safe and the most efficacious procedures with fewer side effects and the chances for failure are too low

  • The risk for the complications decreased to almost zero

  • Results of these cosmetic methods will be long-lasting

  • If you have pain, discomfort or irritation you can get relief from it

How do Our Doctors Carry Out the Procedure?

To perform vascular lesion treatment in our clinic our doctors follow the following depending on the procedure type.

  • Laser Therapy:

For treating the spider veins, port wine stains and hemangiomas this therapy is used by our doctors and the best thing is it is a non-invasive safe treatment that does not cause any side effects for people.

  • Sclerotherapy:

This is mainly for the treatment of small vascular malformations as a sclerosing solution. The injections are inserted inside the body directly on the affected area.

  • Microplebectomy:

For treating the varicose veins micro phlebectomy is used. To carry out the process, small incisions are made near the affected vein. After that, the vein is removed using the special devices and the instruments.

  • Embolization:

The process blocks the blood flow towards the lesions by the insertion of small particles in their way and the clots are formed inside the blood vessels.

  • Excisional Surgery:

This is the surgical removal of the lesion on the skin. The lesion that is raised and t=is more prominent is eliminated by this procedure.

Get Your Treatment with the Best Doctors

In our clinic, you are allowed to talk to the doctor about every concern and your problem. We will prescribe you specific effective methods and will help you with the pre and post-care. Different types of procedures are offered by our experts and you can choose the one you want. Your safety and comfort is our topmost priority. To receive your process complete the appointment form that is present below. We will help you as much as we can.

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