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Breast Augmentation Cost in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Breasts are a symbol of femininity and self-image, influencing how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. Breast augmentation is an approach that includes the utilization of implants or fat exchange to improve the size and state of the breasts. This is a thoroughly individualized technique but many people are worried about Breast Augmentation Costs in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Read below to discover the pricing strategies and procedures of breast augmentation at Renew Clinic. Get ready to embark on a journey toward a more radiant and engaged you!

Breast Augmentation Cost in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Quick Facts Cost: SAR 1599 to SAR 2000 Results: Long term Duration of Treatment: 2 to 3 hours. Type of Procedure: Non-invasive

About the Treatment:

Breast Augmentation is a careful approach intended to upgrade the appearance of a person’s breast. The objective of this procedure is to accomplish a more adjustable and proportionate figure, support confidence and address the issues of asymmetry and underdeveloped breasts. This elective surgery is well-known among individuals who want a fuller bust or experienced changes in its size due to factors like pregnancy or weight loss.

Average Cost

At Renew Clinic, the normal price of breast augmentation starts from SAR 1599 to SAR 2000. This is an estimated cost and the final cost will be determined after a consultation with the doctor.

Factors of cost

The following factors are responsible for the variance in cost:

Kind of Implants:

The choice of an implant affects the expense involved. Silicone implants generally charge higher than saline implants, and specialized cohesive silicone gel implants may come at a premium because of their advanced composition.

Geographical Location:

The cost of living and market interests for aesthetic procedures in a particular region can influence pricing. Breast augmentation costs may vary significantly between urban and rural areas or between countries.

Surgical Facility:

The reputation of the facility can influence the expense. High-end clinics with luxurious conveniences might have higher expenses contrasted with smaller, less equipped clinics.

Procedure Complexity:

The complexity lies in combining breast augmentation with different methodologies such as breast lifting, which may increase overall expenses.

Pre-operative Assessments:

Comprehensive pre-operative assessments, including clinical tests and consultations, are necessary to ensure patient safety and suitability for the procedure.

Additional Supplies and Medications:

Additional costs may include surgical garments, medications, and other supplies expected for a quick recovery.


  • No more saggy skin.

  • Improves breast symmetry.

  • Support self-assurance

  • Provides long-lasting outcomes.

  • Allows customized plans.

  • Improved feeling of femininity and womanhood.

  • Allows in more clothing and fashion choices.


The procedure of Breast Augmentation at Renew Clinic is done in the following steps:

  • Treatment begins with a consultation in which the patient picks the sort, size, and state of implants under the guidance of the doctor.

  • General anesthesia is administered to ensure comfort and safety.

  • The specialist makes incisions in targeted areas.

  • Implants are situated either over the chest muscle or beneath it.

  • The surgeon carefully inserts the breast implants through the entry points and positions them in the ideal location.

  • After implants, Incisions are sealed with stitches or surgical tape.

  • Patients are monitored in a recovery area and given post-operative care instructions.

  • Regular follow-up visits with the observer are scheduled to screen healing progress.

Choose Our Healthcare Clinic

At Renew Clinic, we understand that cost is a significant consideration, and that's why we offer transparent pricing for our Breast Augmentation procedures. Our caring and dedicated staff will direct you through the whole cycle, from introductory meetings to post-evaluations. We are committed to making your experience as smooth and pleasant as possible, so you can focus on embracing your newfound confidence.

Book us Right Away!

Take the first step towards a more vibrant and energetic version of yourself. Our experts will thoroughly guide you about Breast Augmentation Costs in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and embark on this life-changing journey!
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