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Gynecomastia Cost in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Mostly when hormonal imbalances occur in the chest area this condition arises. The condition happens in males when their breast tissue swells and looks bigger in size than normal. This often affects the confidence of the person. Usually, both breasts get impacted at the same time. Due to this state, more chest problems can occur. There is no age limit for the problem occurrence. There are some other factors that can cause Gynecomastia.

Cost for the Gynecomastia in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:

The Gynecomastia cost in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ranges from SAR xxx to SAR xx. Different factors that affect the pricing are discussed in the blog:

Elements that Impact the Cost:

  • Site of Clinic:

The place where the clinic is done, tells the price of the process. For instance, when the patient gets the treatment in a popular clinic and the area the expenses are more.

  • Doctor’s Experience:

The experience and expertise of the medic play an important role in the determination of the procedure. Doctors with more techniques and talents will charge more as compared to doctors who are not as experienced. You are advised to get treatment from an expert surgeon.

  • Facilities Available:

The clinics that are giving more services will ask for more charges. More services are for the comfort of the patient. Individuals should pay for this convenience and aptitude. The more reputed clinics have more quality assistance and the patients need to pay more.

  • Condition of the Patient:

The state of the candidate is a crucial factor. There are people who have more fat and need major surgery has to pay more. So it varies with individuals.

  • Desire of the Patient:

The desire of the patients affects the cost of the process. People who want to remove more fat need additional effort and the duration of the process increases. So does the price of the process.

Symptoms of Gynecomastia:

Most of the patients who are suffering from the problem show the following symptoms:

  • Individuals may feel pain in the area

  • Your breast tissues swell

  • The breasts feel tender and achy

  • You feel sensitivity in your breast area

Gynecomastia Treatment:

This condition is usually treated in the following way:


When the hormonal imbalance occurs the treatment is done with the help of medicines. Medicines like tamoxifen and raloxifene are used for the treatment. Both provide the outcomes, according to the desires of the patient.


The most effective and permanent procedure for the treatment of gynecomastia is the surgical option. The results of the process are long-lasting and the excessive fats are removed.

Sometimes, liposuction is used. This involves small cuts and a thin cannula that sucks the fats from the body.


For the removal of fats from the granular tissue for the removal of sagging skin. This surgical process is done, it tightens the skin and makes the chest area broad giving a more manly appearance.

Treat Your Fatty Breast!

For the treatment of the fatty breasts in men and to remove it from that area this Gynecomastia treatment is used. Gynecomastia cost in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at ReNew Clinic is affordable. Our professionals and the staff are really skilled and know how to carry out the process without any risks and in a safe way. If you want to get the treatment from the clinic you just need to complete the appointment form that is present below. We will help you in any way possible.
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