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Best Doctor for Hair Disease Treatment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

There are many candidates who are going through symptoms of hair disease and looking for ways to diagnose them and get treatment from a well-qualified and experienced doctor. If you are looking for Best Doctor for Hair disease treatment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia then here you are at the right place. We have the best dermatologists at our Renew Clinic to restore your hair and its health.

We understand experiencing hair disorders can be very frustrating. Still, with the assistance of a skilled and qualified doctor, our valuable candidates can restore the health of their hair and rejuvenate them. To know more about our doctors, keep reading the complete page!

Hair Diseases and Their Causes

Below are mentioned types of hair diseases that are common and their causes:

Androgenetic Alopecia (Male/Female Pattern Baldness):

This genetic disorder, which impacts both men and women, is the most common reason for hair loss. It happens as a result of a mix of genetic predisposition and hormone imbalances, which causes the hair follicles to shrink and eventually result in hair loss.

Alopecia Areata:

An autoimmune condition that results in abrupt, uneven hair loss on the scalp and, in some cases, the body. Hair loss results from the immune system mistakenly attacking the hair follicles.

Telogen Effluvium:

This disorder, which causes temporary hair loss, is brought on by extreme stress, sickness, hormonal changes, or medicine. It causes the simultaneous shedding of many hair follicles at once by forcing them into the resting phase.


A psychiatric disorder where individuals have an overwhelming necessity to pluck off their hair, resulting in hair loss and bald spots.

Scalp Psoriasis:

A skin illness that causes itching and hair loss and is defined by red, scaly spots on the scalp.

Symptoms of Hair Diseases

Below are mentioned the indications of hair diseases:

  • Gradual hair loss.

  • Patches of baldness.

  • Pain in the scalp.

  • The feeling of tenderness.

  • Observable signs of hair pulling.

  • Breakage and brittleness of hair.

  • The scalp becomes itchy with blemishes and scaling.

Best Doctor for Hair Disease in Jeddah

Our devoted professionals at ReNew Clinic are here to offer cutting-edge treatments for hair diseases since they are board-certified dermatologists with years of experience and a wealth of expertise. The best quality of our doctors is their understanding of each candidate's particular condition and their ability to tailor each therapy to address specific issues and hair disease objectives. In addition, they interview the candidates and thoroughly assess their hair to see whether they meet the standards for healthy scalps.

A List of Our Best Doctors

Below are mentioned the list of our Best Hair Disease Doctors in Jeddah:

  1. Dr Nouf Khayyat: She is an expert in cosmetology, dermatology, and allergies. She also does Fillers, Botox, Laser, and Cosmetic processes with effectiveness and produces attractive and long-lasting effects.

  2. Dr Alaa Aref: She is a advisor in dermatology and cosmetology. Furthermore, Dr Aref can treat all dermatological conditions and genital conditions.

  3. Dr Ghaida Ghulam: She is a dermatologist and cosmetic consultant. Her main focus is to manage the Treatment of hair loss and genetic baldness - Regenera injections and use an aesthetic sense to rejuvenate natural beauty by performing multiple dermatological conditions.

  4. Dr Hadeer Rashad: She is a dermatologist, venereologist, and cosmetic physician. Her aim in working in this field is to fix hair loss and genetic baldness - Regenera injections and deliver aesthetic beauty results with a natural appearance.

Qualities of Our Top Hair Disease Doctors

Specialisation and Certifications:

Our physicians with dermatology or trichology expertise as they have a thorough understanding of conditions affecting the hair and scalp. Verify their credentials, licences, and any other certifications pertaining to the treatment of hair diseases.


When treating hair diseases, experience is essential. Our doctors with extensive experience have seen a variety of hair issues, which enables them to provide thorough and efficient therapy.

Reputation and Reviews:

Our doctor's dedication to patient pleasure and good outcomes is best demonstrated through positive patient feedback.


The field of treating hair diseases is constantly changing. Our doctors receives ongoing training and education to stay updated of medical developments and therapies.

Patient-Centric Approach:

Our hair disease specialist puts the patient's comfort first and actively listens to their problems while designing treatment regimens that are specific to each patient.

Empathy and compassion:

Managing scalp issues or hair loss can be emotionally taxing. Throughout your medical journey, our compassionate and understanding doctors offer the support and understanding you need.

Hair Disease Treatment Options done by our Doctors

Low-level laser treatment (LLLT): The method has proved potential in promoting hair growth and lowering inflammation in a number of hair conditions.

PRP: A concentrated solution of the patient's own platelets is injected into the scalp during platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. By igniting the hair follicles, it is said to stimulate hair growth.

Hair Transplantation: Hair transplantation may be an option in cases of extensive hair loss or permanent baldness. Hair follicles are removed from a donor site and transplanted to areas with thinning or no hair during this surgery.

Benefits of the Treatment

There are many benefits that are affiliated with the treatment. Some of which are as follows:

  • Minimal downtime.

  • Results are long-term

  • Stimulate hair regrowth.

  • Hair loss is decreased.

  • Scalp health is enhanced.

  • Confidence is improved.

  • Treatment plans are customized.

Book us to Transform your Hair with Expert Treatment!

Fill out the below form and book us right away for the Best Doctor for Hair disease treatment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We assure to sort out your concerns and deliver you with the best and the most effective results.
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