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Shield Your Glow: Sun Protection Tips For Healthy Skin

Imagine your skin is burned out by going out in the sun and you are worried about how to shield your glow, don't fear and get the sun protection tips for healthy skin from Renew Clinic, our skin care doctors will provide the best products to shield the skin from sunburns.

Sun Protection Tips For Healthy Skin

Sun protection :

Sun protection means technologies and ways that can be designed to protect the skin from the rays of the sun such as ultraviolet rays which have harmful effects on the skin. To get rid of these sunburns, get your skin protected from sun by using sunblocks. The result of sun protection includes minimal risks and promotes the health of a person.

UV rays:

They are known as electromagnetic radiation which comes from the sun directly and can damage the skin, making the skin tone uneven. These rays are produced from tanning beds. It also causes unwanted and effective results on the human body.

Effects of UV radiation:

The following are the effects of UV radiation:

  • Sunburn skin.

  • Skin cancer.

  • Damage of the eye.

  • Hyperpigmentation.

  • Weakens the immune system.

  • Damages the DNA.

  • The uneven tone of the skin.

  • Skin tan.

Benefits of sun protection:

The following are the benefits of sun protection:

  • Prevention from burning skin.

  • Minimizes the risk for cancer of the skin.

  • Maintains health.

  • Help skin to be in an even tone.

  • Increase self-confidence.

  • Strong immune system.

Treatment for sun-damaged skin:

The treatments are mentioned below in detail:

Laser Therapy

Laser lights like fractional lasers are used to treat the uneven tone of the skin and reduce the wrinkles on the skin.

Chemical peel

Peeling chemicals means the solution is applied on the skin directly to peel off the dead skin, to protect the skin from the sun, to reduce wrinkly skin, and to maintain the even tone of the skin.


This procedure is considered noninvasive to improve the texture of the skin and the sun damage appearance.


This is known as the effective process used to exfoliate the skin from the top layer to achieve smooth and fresh skin.


This type of procedure involves the process of freezing and then the removal of the damaged skin occurs, it is mostly used in skin exposure conditions.

Using topical products

Topical products include retinoids serum, antioxidants like vitamin C, and hydroquinone products. These products are used to reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone, and help reduce the hyperpigmentation that is caused by exposure to the sun.

Shield Your Glow: Sun Protection Tips For Healthy Skin

Tips for healthy skin:

The tips for the protection of skin are as follows:

  • Apply sunscreen daily before going outside.

  • Cover your skin while going outside.

  • Keep your skin moisturized.

  • Appy products have vitamins C and E.

  • Always wear sunglasses to protect the eyes.

  • Check your skin daily.

  • Maintain a healthy diet.

  • Do cleansing of skin daily.

  • Do not drink alcohol.

  • Do exfoliation gently.

  • Apply retinoid serum on the skin.

  • Stop smoking.

  • Drink more water.

Choose our Clinic :

Visit our clinic to get the best treatment and suitable tips for the protection from sun from our best dermatologists and senior doctors. we feel pleasure in treating you.

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Get rid of skin tan and imbalanced tone of skin by booking us at Renew Clinic our doctors are experts in providing Sun Protection Tips for Healthy Skin. By using modern techniques like using dermal fillers or cosmetic surgery.

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