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Best Doctor for Skin Diseases in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Maintaining healthy skin is crucial as people love to use different cosmetic brands. Applying makeup and different material on the skin can cause diseases. Skin disease can cause discomfort and less confidence in people which is caused by different factors such as affected immune system, environmental factors, infections, and lifestyle problems.

People used to face different skin issues such as psoriasis and skin cancers. You do not need to worry if you are facing these issues because you are not alone. It is caused by environmental factors and internal human organs which cause skin tag removal, Eczema, acne, vitiligo, psoriasis, etc.

Skin Diseases!

Skin disease has affected many people worldwide and their symptoms are getting more common day by day. To deal with raised issues we need to look for their causes and approaches to deal with the problem. Our dermatologist is highly experienced in Jeddah and deals with these problems easily. She is a dermatologist that is treating people of age and is familiar with all skin disorder circumstances a patient can feel. She has treated different types of skin disorders efficiently.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Acne is one of the common kindnesses among individuals in the form of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads on the body and face.

  • Enzymes refer to a red itch and part of the skin.

  • Psoriasis: It makes the skin thick and silvery.

  • Rosacea: It leads to redness of the face and adds a small bump to it.

  • Dermatitis: It happens when your skin is infected by something that causes redness to the skin.

  • Vitiligo occurs in some body parts of the skin causing loss of skin color.


There are so many causes that lead to skin disorders and some of them are listed below:

  • Genetics

  • Environmental factors

  • Attacks on the immune system

Best Doctors in Jeddah for Skin Care Treatment

Lavish treatment is provided by Dr Nouf Khayat, Dr Alaa Aref, Dr Ghydaa Ghulam and Dr Hadeer Rashad is located in Jeddah. An expert doctor that will listen to your issues attentively and deal with them in the best suitable way. This way you can get better treatment in less time. So if you are looking for flawless skin with no acne or dark spot then you should visit our clinic in Jeddah.

These are the best dermatologists for a skin treatment that will make your skin acne free without any harm. So get ready to explore the best skincare dermatologist in Jeddah that will make your skin glow without any spots or blackheads and boost your confidence. The best Doctors are present in Jeddah that will solve all your problems regarding skin care.

Treatments by dermatologists

Dermatologists provide different types of treatment to patients. Treatment of skin disorders depends on the type of skin and disease. dermatologists are using different approaches to deal with them.

Here we have listed some of the treatments provided by our doctors:

  • Laser therapy: IN this therapy they target specific skin issues such as acne or scars.

  • Surgical Procedures: She uses this treatment when her skin is affected by certain medicine

  • Moisturizers: She uses Moisturizers treatment when the patient is facing issues with dry skin and eczema.

Procedure as Done by Our Dermatologists

To diagnose our skin doctors use different ways to examine skin. The specific procedure is used to deal with different skin disorders. Here are some common procedures used by dermatologists in the Jeddah clinic:

  • Physical examination: The doctor examines our skin and identifies the type of disorder the patient is facing. The doctor inspects the skin and looks for different abnormalities

  • Skin Biopsy: After doing a deep analysis they find out that skin issues are affected because of eternal and internal problems. This approach is used to diagnose the skin condition

  • Dermoscopy: It’s a handheld device that is used by the doctor to examine the skin in more depth in a specific area.

  • Phototesting It is issued by the doctor to expose the skin to a specific length to diagnose photodermatosis conditions.

  • Laser Therapy: nIt targets specific skin structures such as blood vessels that are used for various treatments It is also used to diagnose skin rejuvenation.

  • Injection: Injections of different medicine used to treat specific areas of the skin like acne, keloids, and alopecia areata.

Cosmetics Services Provided by Dermatologists

  • Smooth and natural facial filler injections

  • Botox injections for reducing the expression of wrinkles

  • Treatment of facial melasma and pigmentation, including under the eyes

  • Treatment of scars on the face and body

  • Laser and light-based therapies

  • Diagnosis and treatment of hair loss and genetic baldness

  • Freshness injections and collagen-stimulating injections

  • Dermatological surgery and excision of skin tumours

  • Varicose vein injections

  • Double chin fat-dissolving injections

Cost of Skin Treatments in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The average price for treating Skin diseases at Renew Cosmetic Clinic is between SAR 200 and SAR 500. This price is an estimate, and the fixed price will be decided by the doctor after a complete checkup.

The following variables affect how much a treatment will cost:

  • Facility charges.

  • Geographical location.

  • Area of treatment.

Book us now!

If you have any questions or concerns about your skin disease. Then make an appointment with the Best Doctor of Skin disease in Jeddah to start your treatment smoothly.
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